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The "Integrity of The Hospitality Challenges" Award
Each entrant now has own Username and Password for each category entered, through which entrants will send the voting card directly to their selected guests, customers and clients
All actions of entrants and voters are logged for meticulousness, while insuring the results accuracy
All voting calculations are automated and done by the system’s application only with no human involvements, hence the relevance are well tested
Live support (website) to provide instant help for any technical issues and or any inquiries about the 2007 event
We Cross MARKET all of the previous years winners on the website homepage, through a hyperlinked list targeted to each of their websites while Promoting their Services Excellence to the WORLD
We have increased MENA Award website tank with all (worldwide) major search engines, thus and so reflecting much higher visitors’ and traffic on the site hits
The new and upgraded system applications will prevents any voting duplication
Daily Automatic Backup of Database leading to no Data loss
Additional services and upgrades will be added in the coming month to further promote our region to the public such as Hospitality sector information (hotels, Airline, Car Rental,..etc.) And country maps of North Africa and Middles East region
We will always keep you posted with more added services and new features
For the 2007 Gala Dinner reservations click here "140 USD per person"

“ Integrity of the Hospitality Challenges “ Award

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